In The Ghetto, Not Much Has Changed in 50 Years

Fifty years ago next month, Elvis Presley launched his comeback with the help of some amazing songs from Hall of Fame songwriter Mac Davis. I wrote the bulk of this piece back in September of 2016. Originally, it was just as a post on my personal Facebook page. I go back and read over those... Continue Reading →


Taking Attendance at The State of the Union

There were four Supreme Court Justices in attendance at Tuesday's State of the Union address: Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Elena Kagan. Roberts and Kagan have attended all such addresses since their respective confirmations to the Court: 14 for Roberts and 9 for Kagan. Gorsuch has attended both... Continue Reading →

It’s A Wonderful Trump

Saturday Night Live opened this past weekend’s episode with a skit titled It’s a Wonderful Trump which played-off the Frank Capra-Jimmy Stewart holiday seasonal classic. But instead of George Bailey having never been born, the Lorne Michaels troupe took a stab at what life would be like in Washington had Donald Trump never become President... Continue Reading →

WTF Kansas?

So THIS is what it comes to when Republicans have absolute control in a state? The Kansas Senate advanced a bill declaring that state Supreme Court justices could be impeached for interfering too much in the Legislature’s business. Don't they call that checks and balances? And aren't checks and balances even more critical when one... Continue Reading →

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