It’s A Wonderful Trump

Saturday Night Live opened this past weekend’s episode with a skit titled It’s a Wonderful Trump which played-off the Frank Capra-Jimmy Stewart holiday seasonal classic. But instead of George Bailey having never been born, the Lorne Michaels troupe took a stab at what life would be like in Washington had Donald Trump never become President... Continue Reading →


Do The Debt and The Deficit Still Matter?

NOTE: The part of this article before the break for related content was published in February 2016. It pertained to an article by Romina Boccia of the Heritage Foundation in which she ostensibly sought to explain how America had racked-up $19 trillion in debt.  The article itself actually explains almost nothing about 'How We Got... Continue Reading →

Will Hillary Clinton Run in 2016?

Former President Bill Clinton visited "Good Morning America" Monday morning to weigh in on topics from the 2012 election to the Supreme Court's pending decision on the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. No conversation that mentions Clinton, health care, and elections in the same sentence would be complete without asking, "Hillary 2016?" President... Continue Reading →

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