Maybe BuzzFeed WAS Right and Trump DID Order Cohen to Lie?

There was one consistent talking point from Republicans on the House Government Oversight Committee on Wednesday, from President Donald Trump, from presidential and White House spokespeople, and from conservative pundits: Michael Cohen already plead guilty to lying to Congress last time around, so no one should believe a single word he says this time. But... Continue Reading →


Lockerbie Bomber’s Death is Not Justice

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi died peacefully at home on Sunday morning, surrounded by his family, finally succumbing to prostate cancer. He deserved to die alone in a windowless prison cell. "He was too sick to utter anything on his death bed," his brother Abdel Hakim told Reuters. What were we expecting, an apology? Al-Megrahi murdered 270 people. A ruthless killer,... Continue Reading →

Silence is Also Speech

"Do you know right from wrong?" "Do you speak out when someone says something offensive?" "If not, are you silent by choice, or cowardice?" At a January campaign event in Florida, Rick Santorum fielded this question about President Obama, "He is an avowed Muslim and my question is, why isn't something being done to get him out... Continue Reading →

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