Silence is Also Speech

"Do you know right from wrong?" "Do you speak out when someone says something offensive?" "If not, are you silent by choice, or cowardice?" At a January campaign event in Florida, Rick Santorum fielded this question about President Obama, "He is an avowed Muslim and my question is, why isn't something being done to get him out... Continue Reading →


Mitt Romney’s Adverb Addiction

During a recent interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, Mitt Romney commented on President Barack Obama's remark about dealing with Russia on a missile defense. President Obama was caught on an open microphone telling Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he'd have more "flexibility" after the election. Romney stated, "Russia is not a friendly character on the... Continue Reading →

Where the Heck is Ron Paul?

Where is Ron Paul? More importantly, why amidst the clamor for Newt Gingrich to leave the race are there not similar calls for Ron Paul to bow out gracefully? Ron Paul’s last campaign appearance was March 14th, the morning after the Alabama, Mississippi, and Hawaii primaries. With contests like Maryland and Washington DC looming in... Continue Reading →

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