Farm Debt Soars to Highest in Four Decades as Trump Tariffs Bankrupt Farmers

American farmers are currently struggling with $409 billion in debts, the highest level since the farm crisis of the 1980's. The only worse crisis came during the Great Depression. Debts carried by farmers is up $24 billion since the same point in 2018. On Wednesday, Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said that despite the... Continue Reading →


Donald Trump Accused of FIVE Felonies

If Michael Cohen was telling the truth Wednesday when he testified before the House Government Oversight Committee, President Donald Trump may stand accused of as many as FIVE felonies. Now, that is a pretty big IF. Huuuge to use Trump's own word. Michael Cohen was back testifying before Congress Wednesday because he lied the last... Continue Reading →

Bernie, Where Are Your Damn Tax Returns?

Potential Democratic primary voters seem to be dividing pretty quickly into one of two camps: either you are a huge booster of Bernie Sanders for president or you are #NeverBernie. As a political journalist I endeavor to draw a line between my personal political beliefs and the objectivity required to cover a primary election process... Continue Reading →

The Devil Made Them Do It

Pope Francis was supposed to be different. He is the first Jesuit pope. He is the first pope ever from the Americas and the first pope from outside Europe since Pope Gregory III died in 741, a span of 1272 years. Unlike his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, Francis was a Vatican outsider not tarnished by... Continue Reading →

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