Why Invoking the 25th Amendment Just Won’t Work

As President Donald Trump continues to descend into fits of madness and rage, the discussion frequently turns to the 25th Amendment as a potential remedy. George Conway III (attorney, Trump critic, and wife of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway) published a superb piece in The Atlantic today, a must-read entitled Unfit for Office. There is... Continue Reading →


An Officer and a Gentleman?

How about this for a sequel, "A Liar and a Pedophile?" What would be mandatory script elements if the sequel to that 1982 Richard Gere / Debra Winger /Louis Gossett, Jr. classic were being written in 2019, while Donald Trump occupied the White House? Start with little girls and pedophiles. Set the story it in... Continue Reading →

What Is The Deal With This Impeachment?

Those of us of a certain age can't help but read that headline in a Jerry Seinfeld voice. Well, given the recent $500 million deal to air Seinfeld reruns on Netflix, maybe all generations would read the headline that way? Understanding the impeachment process in important, but it is also important to understand how Congress... Continue Reading →

The Trump-Whistleblower Battle, The Five D’s of Trump’s Defense Strategy, and How This Is All Bill Clinton’s Fault.

There is a common question floating around Facebook and Twitter lately, mostly as a rhetorical question expressing frustration at the current impasse, but worth or answering anyway. “The Trump White House & Department of Justice are involved in, and currently advising the acting Director of National Intelligence, not to share the whistle-blower complaint against Donald... Continue Reading →

If People Only Stopped Clicking…

As many of you know, since the 2016 election season made politics a taboo subject for many people on Facebook, I limit political posts to my website (electionopinions.com) and only share articles posted on that site to a dedicated Facebook page I set up for such content. Except today. I want to share a little... Continue Reading →

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