Republicans Newest (and Final) Defense of Trump Will Cost Them Everything

As the impeachment hearings roll along, Republicans in the House (and the White House) have been working feverishly to change their defense of President Donald Trump each time their prior defense (and the respective conspiracy theory on which it was likely based) is debunked by evidence and first-hand testimony. The Republicans have reached the final... Continue Reading →

Just Show Up, Please?

As part of their election coverage (tomorrow is Election Day although many of you don't have races on the ballot), the Washington Post interviewed Betty Bloomfield, a 62 year old McDonald'd employee in Kentucky surviving on a $7.25 per hour minimum wage. She plans to vote tomorrow for incumbent Republican Governor Matt Bevin. Matt Bevin... Continue Reading →

Good Riddance, Katie Hill

Representative Katie Hill (D-CA) announced her resignation from office on Twitter yesterday. Hill was elected in the Blue Wave of 2018 and was the first openly bisexual member of Congress. In the aftermath of that resignation, far too many people are defending Ms. Hill. Look, President Donald Trump is a monster. He cheated on his... Continue Reading →

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