House Passes Appropriations Bill Rife With Republican Giveaways & Takebacks

The House of Representatives passed a massive appropriations bill, the details of which were released on Monday.

Why is it that when it comes time to negotiate, and both sides are holding to demands while simultaneously looking for compromise, Republicans play this game where they give in to Democrats on things like education but in return demand things like zero international aid funds for any country that refuses to prohibit abortion?

Shouldn’t the education of our children be a bipartisan issue and not something Republicans only agree to fund as a Democratic priority in exchange for subsidizing Republican religious propaganda?

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What about election security? Only one party cheated in the 2016 election. Only one-party purges voter rolls. Only one party colluded with Russia and pressured Ukraine, effectively trying to rig back-to-back presidential elections.

Only one party (led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) has repeatedly blocked every investment Democrats demanded to make our elections more secure in 2020.

Why is it that Republicans, the party that screams “Voter fraud” like the boy who cried “Wolf” were only willing to concede to Democrats demands for election security money in exchange for Republicans getting money for things like bio diesel credits in Republican Senator Charles Grassley’s home state of Iowa or more money for coal miners in Senator Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky, or an extension of tax breaks for multinational corporations who move money to offshore subsidiaries?

Why should Democrats have to give in to purely partisan demands like AGAIN chipping away at part of the Affordable Care Act’s funding sources in order to get more money for Head Start or SNAP or to subsidize heating bills of senior citizens who might otherwise freeze this winter?

Why should the survival of Americans be traded by Republicans for pork-barrel projects in their home states?

Keep in mind the Affordable Care Act was not cut, nor were the obligations the federal government must pay for the program. Only the taxes on the wealthy who hold premium insurance policies and on medical devices (which would cost insurance companies more) got stripped away, resulting in another massive increase in the budget deficit coming soon while the wealthy and the big insurance companies get an early Christmas present from Republicans.

Folks, THIS is the challenge we face in America.

The new appropriations bill that passed the House and has been assured of passage in the Senate and the signature of President Trump contains $738 billion in FY 2020 funding for the military and only $632 billion for non-defense departments such as Education, Housing & Urban Development, and Health & Human Services.

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Once again, we will spend $100 billion more this year on finding ways to enhance the precision and speed of our enemy’s death than on enhancing our own quality of life.

Ninety-one of the Fortune 500 companies paid ZERO in federal income tax in 2018, and those that did paid an effective rate of just over 11%, far lower than the rates we all pay.

How many of those Fortune 500 companies received a big boost from this appropriations bill? Or received yet another tax cut from it? Or saw the government shift funds into research these companies will profit from if the research succeeds, but that they are not on the hook for it if it fails

We are losing this battle. Corporate America and the extremely wealthy OWN the Republican Party and the Republican Party holds the power to spend (or, not spend) OUR money and they are not spending it for OUR benefit.

They are spending it for their OWN benefit, and for the benefit of those who fund their campaigns.

Either we fight and take control back next election, or we may be too deep in a hole to ever climb back out.


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