Democrats Celebrate Virginia Victories, But Need To Explain Katie Hill Ouster.

In February 2019, Virginia’s Democratic Governor, Ralph Northam, was engulfed in a blackface scandal. It was unclear if Northam was the one pictured wearing blackface, or the one standing adjacent in a KKK hood, but it looked for a while like the photo would end Northam’s political career.

The scandal was compounded as Northam initially lied about being in the photo, and even when proof was produced that he was pictured, he only went as far as acknowledging it could be him but would not concede it was him.

There were bipartisan calls for Northam to resign.

While the Northam scandal was unfolding, it appeared Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax might assume the governorship. Then Fairfax was hit with a sexual assault allegation. And then, another.

Suddenly, it appeared both the governor and lieutenant governor might be forced to resign, so people started checking the line of succession to see who was next.

That would be Attorney General Mark Herring, a vocal critic of Northam on the blackface issue who had been one of the first to call for Northam to resign.

Except, BOOM, here come pictures of Herring wearing blackface.

Faced with a likely “all or none” proposition on resignation, and with a Republican 4th in line for the governor’s office, none resigned. Gradually, the furor died down and the story became old news.  

Last night, nine months after the scandals over blackface and sexual assault engulfed the three highest-tranking Democratic men in Virginia, Democrats won control of the state legislature and state senate, turning Virginia the bluest it has been in a generation.

All these men made mistakes that could have (and likely, should have) ended their political careers.




Yet the voters last night imposed no consequences for the men’s actions, nor for their failure to hold themselves accountable for their actions, or even for failimg to be honest about the actions.

Maybe someone could explain then why Congresswoman Katie Hill was forced to resign over a consensual sexual relationship & some revenge porn photos, photos that would barely even be considered risqué by today’s standards?

Especially as she immediately admitted what she had done wrong and explained that, despite her mistakes, SHE was the victim in the case?

Why did Northam, Fairfax, and Herring get a chance to defend themselves (and hope the problems went away) when the accusations against them could hurt the Democratic Party with its two most important constituencies (women and African Americans) yet Hill was forced to quickly resign because bisexuality and provocative pictures could give the Republican Party ammunition next November?

Hill was open about her bisexuality when she campaigned in 2018, and the revenge porn pictures likely constitute a criminal act that could land her attacker behind bars, so how would either be weaponized against her or the Democratic Party?

Why the double-standard?



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