Just Show Up, Please?

As part of their election coverage (tomorrow is Election Day although many of you don’t have races on the ballot), the Washington Post interviewed Betty Bloomfield, a 62 year old McDonald’d employee in Kentucky surviving on a $7.25 per hour minimum wage.

She plans to vote tomorrow for incumbent Republican Governor Matt Bevin.

Matt Bevin ran for governor in 2015 on a campaign of shifting the tax burden away from high income folks (he calls them “producers”) and placing that on “consumers” of resources. It is a variation on the Republican “makers” and “takers” argument.

Bevin destroyed and dismantled Kynect, the commonwealth’s amazingly successful Medicare expansion initiated under his predecessor, a Democrat.

Bevin put new regressive taxes on things like dog grooming, lawn mowing, even tanning bed memberships, all of which have hurt small businesses.

Bevin is a nightmare and was recently voted America’s Least Popular Governor.

Before running for Governor in 2014, Bevin ran a primary challenge to now Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, from McConnell’s right.

Yes, Matt Bevin ran against Mitch McConnell blaming McConnell for not being conservative enough or partisan enough.

So why would Bloomfield, a senior citizen struggling to make ends meet on her minimum wage salary support a politician with “all for the rich” positions like Bevin’s?

“It means a lot that he’s supported by President Trump.”

Yes, Ms. Betsy LOVES Trump. And wait until you hear why.

“I know Trump doesn’t think before he speaks, but that is just Trump being Trump. I just like his values.”

She loves Trump’s VALUES?


And because she loves Trump so much, and because Trump says Bevin is a good guy, she will vote tomorrow for Matt Bevin.

Louisiana Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards faces a runoff November 16th after failing to surpass 50% of the vote in the state’s “jungle primary” last month.

Republicans account for 30% of the registered voters in Louisiana.


The two main Republican challengers tallied 50,000 more voters than Edwards, despite their party representing 30% of the registered voters. If that outcome repeats on November 16, the last incumbent Democratic governor in the deep south goes down.

Folks, I have said this before and I will repeat it again:

We will NOT win elections by wasting all our energy trying to convince THESE people (like Ms. Betty ) to vote in their own self interest.

Someone smarter than me noted that “You cannot use facts and logic to change the minds of those who did not use facts and logic to reach their current position.”

We will only win elections by showing up to vote in massive numbers and driving every one of these monsters from office.

Matt Bevin won his GOP primary in 2015 with 32.9% of the vote.

Former Maine Governor Paul LePage (previously considered America’s Worst Governor before Bevin) was elected with 37.6% of the vote in 2010 and re-elected with 48.2% of the vote in 2014.

Donald Trump currently has an approval rating of 41% and was elected in 2016 with 46% of the vote.

See a pattern there?

America is in the position it is currently because the minority shows up to vote while the overwhelming majority stays home and complains about the minority.

Also to be considered is how Republicans twist the rules to keep Democrats from voting.

Take Mississippi, the third state with a crucial governor’s race this month.

The state is younger, blacker, and poorer than the rest of America.

Democrats are the majority.

But no early voting.

No online voter registration AND registration must take place no less than 30 days before the election.

No absentee voting without a state-approved reason.

Must have valid state-issued ID to vote.

Felons NEVER can regain the right to vote.

We can no longer allow Republicans in these states to win election after election with 40% of the vote, as in many cases, these states go on to determine the make-up of the Unites States Senate which ultimately decides who gets confirmed to the Supreme Court, with those Justices then deciding the Constitutionality of the very voter suppression laws and gerrymandering which enabled Republicans to win in the first place.

Democrats need to win these states. These states need to be reformed.

Once these states start sending Democratic Senators back to Washington, the Voting Rights Act needs to be reaffirmed and strengthened.

The Supreme Court needs to be restocked with Justices who uphold the Constitution, not who obey the demands of those who bought their seat.

It all starts with showing up, folks.

Can Democrats win Kentucky and Mississippi tomorrow?

Can Democrats win Louisiana on the 16th?

If so, it is reasonable to think Senator Mitch McConnell could fall in Kentucky next year too. As could Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith in Mississippi. And Senator Bill Cassidy in Louisiana. Elect a Democratic POTUS and there you go, a working Democratic Senate majority even before taking down Senators like Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Susan Collins (R-ME).

Win three governor’s races in November 2019 and lay the foundation for taking the Senate in November 2020.

Or, stay home and complain.

It all depends on you.

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