Joseph McCarthy Was Right, and Donald Trump Really IS the Manchurian Candidate

It seems each day, another link to Russia and the Trump administration, or to someone in Donald Trump’s immediate orbit, makes news. It has become so routine most journalists immediately start seeking-out Russian connections anytime a new character is added to this tragic play unfolding in the grand theater of our republic.

I joked to a friend today that what we really needed was a modern-day Joseph McCarthy, the Republican Senator from Wisconsin who was hellbent on rooting-out communists and communist sympathizers in the 1950’s. It was a joke because as much as these Russian agents and tools need to be uncovered and weeded-out, that was a dark era in American history, and we don’t need another Joe McCarthy.

Face it, we already have a balding loudmouth who sees enemies in everyone who disagrees with him. Joseph McCarthy was once voted the Worst Senator in America while Donald Trump is possibly the Worst President in American History. McCarthy’s political career ended in shame and censure, and Trump is increasingly likely to be the first president impeached and removed from office. Maybe someone should ask for Trump’s birth certificate so we can be sure he is not Joe McCarthy’s illegitimate child?

The correlation made me wonder though, what if the infiltration of the Republican Party in America by Russia really goes back that far? How better for Republicans in the 1950’s to deflect from being the party of Russia than to accuse everyone else in America (especially those Hollywood liberals and educated elites) of being Communists or sympathizers? Trump projects his flaws and crimes on everyone else. Maybe the McCarthy probe was just the GOP’s own way of projecting?

New York Attorney Roy Cohn was McCarthy’s right-hand man for the communist inquisition of the 1950’s. Later, Cohn also worked as an advisor to Republican Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. He was the long-time attorney and “fixer” for Donald Trump (a job that later went to Michael Cohen). Cohn also represented Rupert Murdoch, the founder or Fox News, (the media outlet that amplifies the Republican message), and Alan Dershowitz (who was accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer). Dershowitz, remember, like to get massages from girls at Epstein’s NY mansion, but promises he always kept his underwear on. Epstein was also a close friend of Donald Trump.

And how about this?

Socialist was closely associated with communist back in the McCarthy days.

If the Republicans and the Russians wanted to really give “socialist” a big boost in the public discussion today as a way of hiding their connection to Russia and seeking to discredit Democrats (as “liberal” no longer works as an effective cudgel), what better spokesperson than an attractive and VERY outspoken young Congresswoman? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ defeat of Joe Cowley in their Democratic primary race was the biggest upset of the 2018 campaign and one of the most shocking defeats of an incumbent ever. No doubt just a coincidence that she is from New York City, where all these other folks (including Trump’s current attorney and key figure in the Ukraine scandal Rudy Giuliani) call home base?

If someone was going to rig an election, why not do it in a primary where only 30-40,000 votes will be cast and where the Republicans would not win the general election no matter WHO the Democratic nominee was as the district is 80% Democrat? And since it is primary, which is a party function and NOT a state or federal election, would there not be much less scrutiny and much less risk of being caught manipulating the outcome?

To be clear, I am certainly not saying Ms. Ocasio-Cortez had anything to do with it if something nefarious happened, or even that her victory was illegitimate, just that these “influencers” may have identified the right candidate in the right race to push the right message and maybe made sure things worked out a certain way? Conveniently, now, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is recruiting other progressives to challenge incumbent Democrats and push them to the left and right into the zone where Fox News and GOP operatives will apply the “Socialist” label. She endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders this week, a move that ruffled feathers in the Democratic presidential race. Sanders is a Democratic Socialist.

The National Rifle Association is alleged to have worked illegally to coordinate advertising with campaigns of the candidates they were endorsing. The shell company they set up to do so. Red Eagle Media. Red for Russia and Eagle for US, perhaps? We also know the NRA was likely laundering Russian money to pay for these ads.

Did you know that before Ronald Reagan, TV and print media almost exclusively used blue for Republicans and red for Democrats (some used yellow for Republicans)? Through 2000, it was a mixed bag that varied by outlet. In the last 20 years, it has sort of locked-in that Republicans are the red party, right along with Russia locking in their control of Republicans.

Remember when we all laughed at Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin when she claimed she could “see Russia from her house?” The joke is on us if her “house” was really the Kremlin.

OK, try this…

If Roy Cohn was Joseph McCarthy’s right-hand man, who was the left-hand man? Gerald David Schine, also known as G. David Schine.

What did Schine’s family do that made them so wealthy? J. Myer Schine, the scion of the family, made his fortune in real estate and hotels, primarily in NYC, but he had an extensive empire. Sounds familiar, right? J.M Schine also owned the Ambassador Hotel in LA, the hotel where Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968. Donald Trump famously accused Senator Ted Cruz’ father of being involved in the assasination of President John Kennedy. What if Trump (of his father) and this NYC real estate cabal backed by Russians was responsible for the assasination of Robert Kennedy? Remember how much Trump loves bragging and projecting his crimes onto others?

Schine and his family also owned 3000 acres of prime oceanfront property in Palm Beach Florida.

Isn’t there someone else with an oceanfront estate in Palm Beach Florida? Of course, Mar-a-Lago is only 3 acres.

Back to that in a minute.

G. David Schine was married to Hillevi Rombin, who won Miss Universe in 1955. The Miss Universe pageant began in 1952. The crown awarded to the winner that first year was the Romanov Imperial nuptial crown, once owned by the Russian monarchy whose name it bears. Donald Trump bough the pageant in 1995 and moved the headquarters to New York City (of course). Moscow, Russia hosted the 2013 competition. Donald Trump visited Russia hoping Vladimir Putin would attend the pageant. Trump sold the pageant in 2015, but the winner still receives use of a Trump Tower apartment in New York for the term of her reign. I hope she sweeps for cameras and changes the locks.

Now, back to Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago, and Donald Trump.

What did Mar-a-Lago used to be, before it was Trump’s private resort? The facility was built as a vacation retreat for the Post family, of Post cereal fame. When Marjorie Merriweather Post died, she willed the property to the federal government to be used as (and this is not a joke) a presidential retreat. The federal government quickly tired of the maintenance expense and did not want to spend the millions necessary to renovate the property to the standard it would need to be for use as a presidential retreat, like a beachfront Camp David. The federal government donated the compound back to the Post Foundation, the charity Marjorie Merriweather Post had established to manage her other philanthropic endeavors. The foundation was unable to find a buyer at the $20 million price they sought. They announced plans to demolish the buildings and subdivide the land. This was a plan that had Palm Beach residents and the local government horrified as the main building was so architecturally significant. There had just been a bidding war on another prime Palm Beach oceanfront estate. The winner in that bidding war? Alan Dershowitz client and Trump’s eventual friend in the pursuit of young girls, Jeffrey Epstein. The Post Foundation reached out to the loser of that bidding war and sold Mar-a-Lago to Donald Trump for $7 million. Decades later, it would go on to be the presidential retreat Post intended it to be, and the current president is far less concerned with how much money the federal government has to spend annually on the property.

One last thing, Marjorie Merriweather Post’s husband from 1933-1955 was Joseph Davies, a prominent DC attorney and Ambassador to the Soviet Union (of course). Post and her husband amassed one of the world’s largest collections of Russian art (again, of course), primarily from the House of Romanov, just like that original Miss Universe tiara. Their former DC home (Hillwood), like Mar-a-Lago, donated to the federal government and subsequently returned to the Post Foundation, is now a museum housing that collection.

Small world, right?

P.S. I am sure there are plenty more such connections linking the Russians of the McCarthy era with the Russians of the Trump era. Send me a message  and I will update the article (and give you the credit) if the link fits.

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