An Officer and a Gentleman?

How about this for a sequel, “A Liar and a Pedophile?”

What would be mandatory script elements if the sequel to that 1982 Richard Gere / Debra Winger /Louis Gossett, Jr. classic were being written in 2019, while Donald Trump occupied the White House?

Start with little girls and pedophiles. Set the story it in glitzy locations like Mar-a-Lago and the White House. Add in some Russians, the 2nd Amendment, and plenty of lies.

Or, just click this story. Seems the script is already written.

The Army officer once in charge of White House communications at Mar-a-Lago has pleaded guilty to a charge of making a false statement to a federal agent.

What did Staff Sgt. Richard Ciccarella lie about to federal agents?

He posted a picture of a child (clad only in underwear) to a pornography site and requested “dirty comments” from viewers.

Good thing Google translate exists, as the website was, of course, Russian.

Ciccarella even used as A screen name his first name and Army designation (RICH25N). A 25N-rated soldier is a nodal network systems operator.

Because the judge determined the picture (despite being of a partially-dressed child and soliciting sexual comments) did not constitute child pornography, Ciccarella is still on active duty with the Army, though no longer assigned to Mar-a-Lago.

Guess what Ciccarella’s “main concern” now is?

As a convicted felon, and one undergoing psychological counseling as well, he might lose his right to a firearm.

Nope, his “main concern” is not that he likely threw away his career (the Army is considering a court martial).

Nope, not that he posted a scantily-clad picture of a child seeking “dirty comments.”

Nope, not even that he is a felon and lost an assignment working so close to the President of the United States.

He is afraid he might not be allowed to buy guns.

Pedophiles. Lies. Russians. Guns. Mar-a-Lago. The White House.

Why does seemingly everyone in Trump’s orbit, even those on the fringes of that orbit like Staff Sgt. Richard Ciccarella, always seem to be able to be linked quickly back to several (or all) of those things as soon as federal law enforcement starts asking questions?

Seems all we need now is for Rudy Giuliani to lose his mind on CNN defending this guy.

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