NRA’s Blood Money Just Keeps Flowing Into Republican Coffers

The NRA (National Rifle Association) tweeted this today, in response to changes in Walmart’s gun policy, imploring “leaders” to act on behalf of law-abiding Americans?


It must be noted though that the changes Walmart made, while not worthless, are insignificant.

The retailer will stop selling handguns in their stores, something they only still did in Alaska anyway.

They will stop selling certain types of ammunition in their stores, mostly the kind used with assault-style weapons (which Walmart previously stopped selling in 2015).

They further issued a request that shoppers in their stores no longer “open carry” even if local or state rules permit such displays. Concealed weapons are still welcome.

Grocery chain Kroger made a similar request.

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So to be clear, Walmart stopped selling ammunition for guns they no longer stock and requested that shoppers not come dressed like a Halloween cowboy with revolvers in leather pouches on both hips…and the NRA acts as if the 2nd Amendment was just repealed.

Let’s get one thing clear right now: All of those currently serving in Washington and taking no action to stop the almost weekly slaughter of innocent and law-abiding Americans are not “leaders.” They are cowards and traitors and they are bought and paid for politicians.

And let’s face it, when I write “politicians” I am talking about Republicans.

In the 2018 election cycle, the NRA gave more than $880K in campaign contributions directly to politicians, either through individual contributions or funneled through NRA-controlled PACs. Of that $880,521 in contributions, only $19,504 went to Democratic candidates or organizations, a 98% to 2% split.

That is still better than the 2016 cycle, a presidential election year with the House and Senate also hanging in the balance. That cycle, the NRA poured more than $1 million into Republican coffers ($1,082,659 to be exact) while Democrats collected a mere $10,500, a 99% to 1% split.

99% of contributions to ONE party with ONE position on ONE issue. It is clear the NRA is no longer an outside organization. They are an integrated part of the Republican Party.

I guess we can add gun policy to tax policy as issues where the Republican Party wants 99% of the benefits to go to THEIR donors?

It did not used to be this way. As recently as 2010, with overall spending almost exactly the same as in 2016, the NRA and affiliated PACs/donors shared 27% of the contributions with Democratic candidates or organizations.


But the money (and influence-buying) goes far beyond the million or so dollars per year of contributions shown it the chart above.

In the 2018 election cycle, the NRA spent more than $5M on lobbying.

And maybe we should start calling lobbying what it really is?

Legally permissible bribes.

The NRA spent nearly $10M on ads & other efforts directly opposing legislative action on guns and defending the 2nd Amendment.

Let’s also call that what it really is?

Propaganda and fearmongering, with maybe a little blackmail or extortion for good measure.

Now, as the slaughters in schools and churches, in malls and at football games, become an almost daily occurrence, NOW they want leaders to ACT?

Now, as even most pro-gun and pro-2nd Amendment voters agree that something has to be done to stop the carnage, NOW they want leaders to act?

Now, as places like Walmart and Kroger (and Dick’s before this) start taking action by ending sales of handguns, assault weapons, and related ammunition and by asking customers to stop playing Wild West with revolvers on both hips (or AR-15’s strapped across one’s back), NOW they want leaders to act?

Here’s a thought:



Editor’s note: To be precise, the NRA largely does not spend it own money and is restricted in how it can donate directly to candidates and political parties. It has to launder the money, in a sense. It collects money from donors, or more commonly solicits donations to its PACs, or encourages/rewards members for making targeted donations. In this way, they alone control the flow of money, maintain (or consolidate) their influence, and it helps them avoid explaining when they have blood on their hands. 

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