Thanks for Nothing, Guys.

This weekend, filmmakers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer announced that if the recently signed “heartbeat bill” takes effect in Georgia, they will not film in the state anymore.

They will, however, begin filming their next movie (Hillbilly Elegy) in Georgia next month. Production on that film will wrap well before the tentative January effective date of the new abortion restriction law.

Let’s see if I have this straight?

The Georgia House passed the bill.

The Georgia Senate passed the bill.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the bill into law.

Until Alabama passed their monstrous bill a few days later, what Georgia legislatoirs had passed and the Governor had signed was the most restrictive abortion legislation in the HISTORY of the United States.

Yet Howard and Grazer will begin pumping millions into the Georgia economy next month…but warn they won’t again in 2020 and beyond if somehow the courts do not block the law?

Here is an idea:

Everyone should boycott the film.

Everyone should boycott EVERY film from Imagine Entertainment (Howard and Grazer’s production compnay).

Everyone should boycott ALL films featuring the stars actors willing to still make this movie in Georgia (Amy Adams, Glenn Close, Haley Bennett, and Gabriel Basso).

No one should spend a dime in Georgia. Or Alabama. Or Missouri.

Look folks, we have a chance in 2020 (some in 2019 as well) to vote with our ballots. But until then, we can vote with our wallets.


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