Who Can You Trust For Fair and Factual News Reporting?


This graphic shows how 104 media outlets which provide political reporting skew from left (liberal) to right (conservative) and from original factual reporting to damaging nonsense. A more detailed explanation of the criteria and the chart can be found here.

I was not surprised to find Alex Jones’ InfoWars in the bottom right corner as the most right-wing and least factual news source considered. Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and Steve Bannon’s Breitbart News grade only marginally better.

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I was surprised to see BuzzFeed News clustered with the Washington Post and New York Times solidly in the factual reporting zone and reflecting only a modest skew to the left. When BuzzFeed broke the news last month that President Trump may have directly ordered attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, BuzzFeed was treated by the major media outlets like a source on a level with WonderWall or TMZ rather than one led by editors with Pulitzer Prizes on the shelves in their office. This denigration only worsened once Special Counsel Mueller’s office refuted the story. No doubt the question will be asked directly of Cohen when he testifies again before Congress this week.

Keep the chart handy. I know I will. If you are not sure about a story, or a source, refer back to the chart. Even the best outlets get a detail wrong sometimes. That is different than providing only one side of the story or making the whole story up to fit a propaganda narrative. The Democratic debates begin in just a few months. The first primary is less than a year away. News is going to be coming at you faster, heavier, and from every direction. We need to know who can be trusted and who cannot.

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