Donald Trump is a Textbook Bully

The Washington Post, perhaps President Donald Trump’s primary media adversary (with the NY Times a close second) recently discussed all the times in his life when Trump faced a negotiating partner who said, “Absolutely, NO” and how those situations were eventually resolved.

Here is the Cliff’s Notes version:

Donald Trump is a textbook bully.

When he picks on a weaker opponent, or when he has power/control over someone, he does all he can to abuse and humiliate that person including ruining them personally, professionally, and financially if he is able.

But when he lacks absolute power, or runs into someone not scared of him and who will not back down. he does what bullies do: he tries to talk hi sway out of it with bravado, or HE backs down.

He turns into a cowering, scolded dog piddling a puddle because his master raised his voice.

Well, guess what?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is NEVER going to back down from Donald Trump.

And even worse for Trump, she wants to make sure he gets the comeuppance that bullies deserve.

She wants him emasculated.

She wants him humiliated.

She wants him shown for all to see as pathetic and powerless and no longer a threat to anyone anymore, like the toothless Bumble from Rudolph the Reindeer.

She wants him knocked on his fat ass, a little blood trickling from one nostril and a little pee spreading in a circle across the front of his pants, whimpering for his mommy while everyone on the playground points and laughs.

Donald Trump will not be giving his State of the Union speech from the House on Tuesday night.

Donald Trump will not be securing funding for his border wall.

Donald Trump will soon accept whatever plan Speaker Pelosi deems to be the best option to reopen the federal government.

When he is safely back behind his podium, surrounded by his henchmen, he will lash out as defeated bullies always do.

He will return to the swagger and taunting.

He will return to the threats and to promising retribution.

But he will never be the same bully again. No one will ever take his hollow threats seriously again.

And he will still flinch every time Nancy Pelosi gives him a look that says, “Remember what happened last time?”


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