WTF Kansas?

So THIS is what it comes to when Republicans have absolute control in a state?

The Kansas Senate advanced a bill declaring that state Supreme Court justices could be impeached for interfering too much in the Legislature’s business.

Don’t they call that checks and balances? And aren’t checks and balances even more critical when one party has absolute legislative control, like Republicans do in Kansas?

Seriously, WTF Kansas?

Governor Sam Brownback and his band of right-wing fools have basically enacted an agenda that would make even the most extreme on the right cringe a little. Think Robin Hood in reverse, only Brownback and his band of not-so-merry men steal from everyone with pockets to give tax breaks to the 1% and the corporations.

Let’s not forget the key part of the story, Governor Sam Brownback and his team have basically decimated Kansas. While the rest of the country grows, Kansas is STILL sinking deeper into a recession. Brownback himself labeled his plan ‘the great experiment’ when he took office. Unrestrained by any controls, able to enact the right-wing dream agenda, the chance would finally be there to show that trickle-down economics is THE way to run a state or country. Well, the economy is in tatters, businesses and people are fleeing in droves, the tax base is collapsing and the state is teetering on the verge of insolvency. I guess the experiment could be considered a failure, but Brownback would never admit that.

The state Supreme Court has stepped in on a few issues and ruled that the insanity taking place is unconstitutional. One example would be when Brownback and his trickle-down fools cut taxes to the bone and had no money left to fund public schools. Brownback’s response to the school districts was, in effect, “Sorry about your luck, suckers.” Is it really judicial overreach for the Supreme Court to rule that the state Constitution clearly requires the state to fund public education?

Now, Republicans in Kansas are seeking to amend the statute for impeachment (typically high crimes and misdemeanors) to include “attempting to usurp the power of other branches of state government”.

So basically, if the legislature in Kansas passes a law that say, maybe all people of color (and gays) should be rounded up and imprisoned, there is no doubt Governor Brownback would sign that before the ink is dry. And the state Supreme Court damn well better not step in and say that such profiling and denying of basic human liberties runs afoul of the Constitution. Doing so would not be acting as a check/balance on overreach of one branch of government as our founding fathers intended, or the enforcement of Constitutional protections, it would be the court usurping the power of the legislature and the governor. And for that, they could now be impeached. Yes, they could be impeached and put off the bench by the very same legislature of lunatics that changed the impeachment law AND that passed the unconstitutional law the court found unjust?

So I ask again, WTF Kansas?

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