Coingate Kicks-Off The Presidential Nomination Process

Does Iowa have some arcane ways of voting in Presidential primaries? They sure do.

And now we apparently have a controversy that will consume reporting when the focus should be on the campaign underway in New Hampshire?

Here is the bottom line:

Regardless of coin tosses or any other determining factors, Clinton won the voting in the Iowa caucuses 49.8% to 49.6%.

Iowa had 43 delegates to be won. Sadly, they cannot split a delegate like the NFL statisticians can split a sack.

So Hillary Clinton gets 21. And Bernie Sanders gets 21.

Whether by 20% or .2% or 1 vote, Hillary Clinton won Iowa and Bernie Sanders lost Iowa. So Hillary Clinton gets the tie-breaking 22nd delegate.

Exactly WHERE is there controversy?

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NOTE: When this blurb was written three years ago, the dispute (referenced in the linked article) was over whether it was plausible that Hillary Clinton won 6 consecutive coin tosses or whether the party machine had conspired to work against Bernie Sanders? Likely, we will never know, but as the campaign played out in 2016, the Democratic National Committee and people like Donna Brazile, John Podesta, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz absolutely put their fingers on the scale to tip the balance towards Hillary Clinton. Might the race have played out differently if Bernie Sanders had won Iowa? As it was, Bernie Sanders won only one of the first seven primaries and caucuses, New Hampshire. If Iowa went for Bernie, even by one delegate, and then New Hampshire, might Bernie have won Nevada? Hillary only won 53% to 47%. What might have happened to the inevitability of the Clinton nomination had she lost each of the first three contests? We will never know, just as we will never know what really happened with the coin flips. And we might not wonder or care if Hillary Clinton was working each day in the Oval Office instead of Donald Trump.




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