A Guest Opinion on Bernie Sanders

NOTE: I do not typically present opinions other than my own here at Election Opinions. This post was a Facebook post by a distant relative of mine. He asked that it be shared as widely as possible, and I am obliging.

I normally do not post about my political opinions on facebook. However, I have noticed a trend on my timeline that is encouraging but bothersome to me at the same time. I have noticed many people my age are becoming more interested and involved in this presidential election. This is the encouraging part. The bothersome part is the amount of support I see for Bernie Sanders from college students. If you are a supporter, and you understand his tax plan and feel that it is the right direction for the country to go then I respect your opinion and this status is not directed towards you. If you do not realize that in order to give America “free college and free healthcare” please take a second to think about this.
As a college student, I work very hard to excel. When I finish law school and begin to practice law, there is a large chance I will part of an upper tax bracket. This situation is not unique to me. Many of the people I see supporting Bernie will also be in a similar situation. If he is elected and enacts his tax plan, these people who work extremely hard in school will be essentially punished for their intelligence and hard work by a tax rate somewhere around 50%. This means if you make $91,150-$190,150
dollars a year you would be taxed at 30,2% and you would only take home roughly between $63,805-$133,150 of that hard earned money. Now, yes you do not have to pay health care coverage and you do not have to pay for college loans. Despite this, you would still have to pay for food, gas, electric, etc…. I do not understand how this money can cover all of those expenses for a family.

The reason I am going to school and working this hard is to earn a job where I will make enough money to support a family. With the Bernie tax policy the incentive to push yourself is gone, because the more you earn the more you loose. Not to mention, we have a $19 trillion debt that we need to pay. With the added expenses of these programs the country would only fall deeper in debt.

Once again, if you understand this and are a Bernie supporter, I fully respect your opinion and I am very happy that you have taken the time to think this through and know where you stand. However, if you have not thought about the tax plan, and you are in college, please take a second to think about how hard you are working now and what you want in your future.

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