Do The Debt and The Deficit Still Matter?

NOTE: The part of this article before the break for related content was published in February 2016. It pertained to an article by Romina Boccia of the Heritage Foundation in which she ostensibly sought to explain how America had racked-up $19 trillion in debt. 

The article itself actually explains almost nothing about ‘How We Got Here’ and instead rambles on about the debt ceiling and how much more we are likely to add to the debt by the end of the decade. Though I often disagree with Romina Boccia and her employer (the Heritage Foundation), I expected a little more substance…and a lot more partisan attacks. Heck, other than the photo and a few mentions of Obamacare, she did not even directly blame President Obama. That counts for something!

I just thought the article was noteworthy and worth sharing for two reasons:

1) As Americans, we should always pause and ponder when we hit new milestone like this one. We may not be expected to personally pay back the nearly $60,000 per person in debt the government has racked up on out behalf, but we will all certainly receive much less from our government AND pay much more in taxes for it in the coming decades as the debt payments balloon.

2) Unlike past elections, none of the Presidential candidates on either side this time around are even mentioning the debt except in the most passing references. The Democrats are talking about taxing the rich more and leveling the playing field (which no Democratic President will ever accomplish with a Republican Congress) and Republicans are talking about Obama and how Hillary is Obama and Sanders is Obama and Obama is the devil. Well, except for Fiorina. She seems fixated on Hillary.

So one side is living a fantasy, and the other is reliving the past. Neither side is proposing anything which will change the future.

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OK, so that was the brief article from three years ago. As I have been busy migrating content from the old website to the new, there are some articles like this which often do not make the cut as seemingly so much has changed in just a few years and they may not be as relevant as they were back then. But as part of the decision-making process, I validate any links in the article, as dead links which can not be resurrected at other sources weigh heaviliy in my decision to scrap the article.

I was not surprised to see the link to the original Daily Signal article still worked, Most reputable webesites keep on top of things like that. I was surprised to see that there was an addendum added to the article, and clearly added fairly recently, as it references the Democrats winning back control of the House of Representatives.

It reads:

Dear Readers:
Just two short years after the end of the Obama administration’s disastrous policies, America is once again thriving due to conservative solutions that have produced a historic surge in economic growth.
The Trump administration has embraced over 60 percent of The Heritage Foundation’s policy recommendations since his inauguration. But with the House now firmly within the grips of the progressive left, the victories may come to a screeching halt.
Why? Because they are determined more than ever to give the government more control over your lives. Restoring your liberty and embracing freedom is the best thing for you and the country.
President Donald Trump needs all of the allies he can find to push through the stone wall he now faces within this divided government. And the best way you can partner with him is by becoming a member of his greatest ally in Washington: The Heritage Foundation.

Unlike when the original article was posted and I gave Ms. Boccia credit for not writing the article like a partisan opinion piece, this addendum changes that. 

Did you know the economy was disastrous under Barack Obama? I thought he ended with around 90 consecutive months of economic growth after inheriting the worth economy since the Great Depression? The truth is, Donald Trump lags behind Barack Obama (and many other former presidents) in economic growth. 

With Trump following the lead of the Heritage Foundation, and Congressional Republicans abdicating their responsibility to act as a check on the president instead of a rubber stamp, it will not be the victories that come to a screeching halt. It will be our economy. When the Trump tax cuts and the Trump tariffs and the Trump lies force our economy into recession, it will pave the way for a Democratic president to again clean up the ruined economy a Republican left behind. I wonder if Ms. Boccia will do another update then?


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