America’s Worst Governor Blasts Obama Over Undocumented Children

Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage (otherwise known as America’s worst governor) blasted the Obama administration this week after he learned on a conference call with other governors and White House officials that eight undocumented immigrant children had been “dumped” in his state.

In his statement, LePage repeated a familiar Republican talking point, that immigrants are lazy and only looking to drain the resources of hard working citizens.

“Our nation and our state still welcomes legal immigrants who want to work hard and help Maine prosper. However, we cannot afford to spend our limited resources on those who come here illegally.”

He added, “The failure of Congress and the President to address our border issues should not result in more of a financial burden on Maine people.”

Let’s see if we can put this “crisis” as LePage describes it into context?

Reports estimate that approximately 57,000 illegal children have entered the US in the last 18 months. It appears that of those 57,000 there have been 8 placed with foster families in Maine, or “dumped on the state of Maine” as Governor LePage calls it.

Just to be clear that I did not make a typo:

NOT 8,000.

NOT 800.


8 out of 57,000.

As a Maine resident, I can state quite clearly that our state is circling the drain and going down quickly. We are #46 on CNBC’s ‘Best States for Business’ list. We have one of the highest income taxes in the county. We have the oldest population in the country (yes, older than Florida). Businesses are fleeing, and Maine has been one of the few states that has seen little in the way of recovery from the economic collapse of 2007-2008.

None of that matters to our Governor, though. What he values dates to the 1980’s. More police, more drug courts, more mandatory sentences. Of course, that gets coupled with less social services, less counseling, less rehabilitation, less treatment, railing against same sex marriage, and pushing restrictions on abortion and reproductive rights.

Why is it that Republican Governors, especially Tea Party Republican Governors, can never make up their minds? If the courts legalize same-sex marriage, they are activist judges who should have let the citizens decide. When the citizens decide to legalize same-sex marriage (as they did by referendum here in Maine), the Governor then fights in court to have the people’s voice overturned.

Maybe that is why Governor LePage chooses to seemingly run against President Obama this re-election season instead of against any of the candidates he will actually face in November? You have to admire LePage’s gift for bullshit, and the gullibility of Mainers who buy his excuses. Last I checked, like him or not, President Obama was President of 50 states. Of those 50, only two have failed to make progress recovering from the economic collapse of 2007-2008: Alaska and Maine.

LePage has been Governor for three and a half years.

Yes, states from the reddest of the red to the bluest of the blue have recovered.

States that have gone the conservative route and cut taxes, enacted social restrictions banning drugs, same-sex marriage, and abortion, those that have placed businesses ahead of individuals, have all prospered.

States that have gone the liberal route, expanding social freedoms, sometimes raising taxes, expanding services and asking businesses to pay a greater share have prospered. States dominated by one party have prospered, and states with divided leadership have prospered.

48 of 50 states are recovering nicely, growing and positioning themselves for prosperity in the decade ahead. Not Maine, unfortunately.

Rather than fixing our economy, our infrastructure, our education system, our Governor is busy throwing a fit because 8 of 57,000 undocumented children brought to America by their parents have been “dumped’ in Maine” by the evil Obama administration.

Funny the Governor does not seem to understand the law which led to this giant influx of illegal children was signed by George W. Bush and NOT Barack Obama.

Funny the Governor does not blame the Republican Congress for not fixing that law, or not passing funding to secure the border, or not adding judges to adjudicate these immigration cases in less than two years.

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) suggested the other day (after Congress left for the summer with nothing substantive done for the year so far on ANY issue) that it was incumbent upon President Obama to act, that President Obama has the power to unilaterally act to fix all these problems.

Yes, Speaker Boehner is currently suing the President for doing just that in the past, but he is a politician; he is entitled and expected to speak from both sides of his mouth.

Maybe Governor LePage is practicing for a move to DC once he loses his re-election bid this November.

I know 8 kids who will gladly help dump him there.

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