Obstinate Trump Imperils Our Economy

Today, the Federal Reserve promised to do its job, to "sustain the expansion" of the economy. They rebuked President Donald Trump with their plan. One line in the description of the struggle between the president and the central bank tells all that needs to be told about the Trump mindset: “While most business leaders and... Continue Reading →


Thanks for Nothing, Guys.

This weekend, filmmakers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer announced that if the recently signed "heartbeat bill" takes effect in Georgia, they will not film in the state anymore. They will, however, begin filming their next movie (Hillbilly Elegy) in Georgia next month. Production on that film will wrap well before the tentative January effective date... Continue Reading →

The Big Lie Bernie Sanders Keeps Repeating

On April 3, 2016 Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sat for an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. Sanders was seeking the Democratic nomination for president. Sanders was on a roll, having won five contests in a row at that point: Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington. Two days after that interview, he would pull-off a stunning defeat... Continue Reading →

Why Bernie Sanders is Wrong About Amazon

Misplaced anger. That seems to be a Bernie Sander specialty. Is it Amazon's fault they owed no federal taxes for last year? Or for 2017? Today massive, profitable corporations like Amazon are paying nothing in federal income taxes and that must stop now. You can’t be an American company only when it benefits you. You... Continue Reading →

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